Poetic Lives Online: Links by Brian Spears


So, did you like our National Poetry Month project? If you missed any of the poems, check them out here.

Barbara Jane Reyes has some interesting thoughts on poetic tradition.

Virginia Heffernan discusses the way self-publication has lost some of its stigma, and introduces me to a new term: microniche publishing.

If you missed seeing the Kentucky Derby today, you can read it instead, “it” being a new poem by Andrea Cohen titled “Kentucky Derby.”

The interwebs have spoken and the new Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere is… a tie between Sina Queyras and Robert Lee Brewer.

Melissa Broder’s FMK Friday(Fuck Marry Kill) asks about the Black Mountain Poets–Olson, Duncan, and Levertov.

Finally, if you missed it, a few words about the differences between poets and actors performing poetry.

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