Racism in the City: Bloomberg for Pot Smoking Preppies


In an article printed in The New York Times earlier this week, journalist Jim Dwyer explores just how much mayor Michael Bloomberg admires his mirrored image and the sound of his own voice.  What’s his hidden agenda? Well it seems he is trying to breed heaps of “mini-me’s” to continue running the anti-pot New York City many of us currently reside in.

“The Bloomberg administration has quietly been fixing up its sons and daughters with cool summer internships, as reported Tuesday. Which is probably fine: It is hard to see nepotism as much of a sin when it is really just another chapter of Darwinism, the drive possessed by all creatures to finagle a better future for their offspring.”

Scratch that internship off my list. Pot smoking however, it seems I’m in the clear.  Studies show that even though Whites are the most common pot smokers, 9 out of 10 New York City residents arrested for possession were either Black or Latino.

Have you ever indulged in some reefer madness, Mr. Mayor?

“You bet I did,” the mayor told New York Magazine in 2001. “And I enjoyed it.”

Caitlin Colford is a New York City based actress and writer. She blogs short stories over at caitypoops.wordpress.com and is currently hard at work on her first novel "The Obituary Hunter." More from this author →