The Rumpus Book Club, Where I Live #8: Kim Locke


My name is Kim Locke and I live in the suburban commuter metropolis of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

I commute to work every morning via three transit systems to downtown Toronto which takes two hours each way. When I come home after work, I’m grateful for the quiet ravine in my backyard and the massive oak tree. It’s common to find me underneath the tree, reading, with a nice cup of tea or rollerblading through the ravine to relax. I also share my house with four foster bunnies, two foster hamsters, and two colonies of degus. I love spending time with the animals that I’m fostering for Rabbit Rescue and also love looking after them. When I win the lottery, I will definitely do this full time!

Kim Locke is a Networking Engineer for a major Canadian retail chain. She finds the best times to read is on her two hour commute to work or when she is snorging her foster animals. She hopes to live on a time rift in Cardiff some day. More from this author →