Friday the 13th Book Club Round-Up


-Tao Lin’s in the spotlight this month; his latest book Richard Yates is our August Book Club pick, and it seems like everyone has some questions for him. Including, well, Tao Lin. He asked and answered four questions on the Rumpus, including “How would you summarize Richard Yates to potential readers if you didn’t read it but were a potential publicist paid to promote it?.” For the answer to this meta-interview maze, check out Lin’s interview.

-GQ’s pop culture blog The Verge published a great interview with Citrus County author John Brandon this week. Among the topics broached: how to portray unsympathetic characters, thoughts on the state of masculine writing these days, and predictions for the upcoming year in…football.

Citrus County fans on both coasts should gear up for Brandon-sightings. He’ll be at Book Passage in the Ferry Building in San Francisco on September 11th, and if you’re a New Yorker you’ll catch him even sooner. Brandon’s scheduled to speak at McNally Jackson’s in NY on August 19th, along with McSweeney‘s and New Yorker contributor Hilton Als.

-Extra, Extra! The October Book Club pick has been announced! Adam Levin’s The Instructions, about a ten-year-old Jewish school drop-out who begins a revolution of sorts, is another gem from McSweeney’s and is about to find its way into your lap a month before official release. Read more about it here, and don’t delay in becoming a Book Club member.

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