Sophie Yanow


Sophie Yanow grew up in a small Marin County town where people picked up their mail at the local post office.  Her first encounters with comics were with Calvin and Hobbes, and Sonic the Hedgehog comics from the supermarket.  In middle school, her mom started taking her over to Berkeley to visit Comics & Comix, and by high school, she had become familiar with local cartoonists such as Adrian Tomine and Dan Clowes.

Her own comics tend to be personal and autobiographical.  She cites, “friendship, technology, and nature” as themes that are present throughout her work.  Outside of comics, she’s worked in tech and marketing, experiences she believes has given her a “healthy ambivalence” toward both.  She hopes to continue with autobiographical comics, along with fantasy/adventure comics, and to find out where those two kinds of stories meet.  She’s also working on a larger project she’s returning to after two years, and will also be featured in an upcoming issue of the the indy-fantasy anthology, Elfworld.


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