Rumpus Women on Firedoglake Book Salon


The Rumpus Women, Vol. I contributors have been on tour. We’ve read in bookstores, bars, and family rooms in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Denver. The readings have been awe-inspiring: smart, funny, charming, sad, honest, brave.

In case you couldn’t make a reading or live in Iowa, Rumpus Women will be on Firedoglake Book Salon, an online news site that hosts author discussions every Saturday and Sunday. This Saturday, February 26th, from 5pm to 7pm EST (2pm-4pm PST), co-editors Julie Greicius and Elissa Bassist and contributor Antonia Crane will talk about the book, their writing, and probably a lot of personal secrets. The Salon will be similar to the Rumpus Book Club discussions. At 5:00pm EST the post introducing Rumpus Women will appear on the Firedoglake home page, and we will be responding to questions and comments from the host (Amanda Marcotte), and the audience (you).

Also, please check out the new Rumpus Women, Vol. I book page. The book page includes upcoming events, reviews (like this one from the New York Times), and notes from the road.

And buy Rumpus Women, Volume I for your sister–there are only a few copies left! (Julie’s own sister reviews the book: “I must tell you that I received Rumpus Women tonight and have been reading it voraciously ever since. And am now, of course, reading it in the tub [something she has done since childhood]. It is gorgeous, upsetting, absolutely beautiful. Obviously your piece is magnificent but what a fantastic company of women to be in, too. I’m floored….The book came along at the perfect time, when I was feeling all nuts about myself and my life…and made me feel like a beautiful member of the female sex and the human race. What a gift.” That’s our favorite review.)

Elissa Bassist edits the Funny Women column. She teaches humor writing at The New School and Catapult. Follow her on Twitter, and visit for more literary, feminist, and personal criticism. More from this author →