An Occupy Wall Street Roundup


Oakland police cleared the Occupy Oakland camp early this morning, arresting 85, and firing “two or three nonlethal projectiles from a shotgun” as well as lobbing “tear gas at the encampment.” An Open Salon blogger offers this first-hand report of the arrests.

The Occupy Maine encampment in Portland had a chemical bomb thrown into it yesterday. You could be forgiven if you didn’t hear about it, since it didn’t get much attention. Charles Pierce wonders about that.

Elizabeth Warren, who is running for Senate in Massachusetts, has embraced the Occupy movement.

Are you at an Occupy protest, about to be arrested, and you want to let someone know? There’s an app for that.

There’s an article in Politico about what Dick Cheney thinks about Occupy Wall Street. Do you care? Because I sure don’t.

Occupy History

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