An Occupy Wall Street Roundup


The big stories surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement seem to center around police brutality, but in a lot of cities, occupiers and police are working together peacefully.

Much of the pushback against the Occupy movement has come in the form of claims that income inequality isn’t really a problem. The Columbia Journalism Review points out that most of those claims are bogus at best.

Being a part of Occupy Wall Street costs another journalist her job. This, by the way, is bullshit.The idea that being part of a movement you’re not reporting on is a violation of journalistic ethics is ridiculous. And even if you are reporting on it, as long as you disclose that matter from the beginning, there’s no ethical violation either. This notion of the completely objective journalist needs to die a swift and painful death.

Business Insider calls Occupy Wall Street’s march on the Bank of America “by far the most hilarious.”

Who’s donating to the Occupy movement?

Has the wounding of Marine Scott Olsen in Oakland put the military on the side of the Occupy movement?

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