Saturday Morning Links


Saturdays may belong to me, but today I belong to Occupy Des Moines. We’re marching to the Wells Fargo building this morning, located at 666 Walnut St. Not making that up. Feel free to post your own occupation stories in the comments today. I’ll be checking in to moderate those from time to time, but posting will be sporadic, if it happens at all.

More occupation links for this morning.

Occupy Wall Street has crossed the pond, and western Europeans have some experience in protesting.

Lech Walesa is coming to New York to support Occupy Wall Street.

Two more incidents between police and protesters in New York yesterday, and in my opinion, the NYPD version of both stories are so unbelievable that they’re insulting.

Plutocracy Files is doing a great job covering the Occupy movement.

Matt Taibbi tells protesters to hit the banks where it hurts.

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