An Occupy Roundup, Thanksgiving/Black Friday Edition


The American Occupation of America received less attention this week as the country (in my dad’s words) “celebrated the near-genocide of the inhabitants of this hemisphere through the killing and consumption of its friendly, harmless, innocent birds.”

This week also saw the emergence and global domination of a particularly virulent meme: Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop.

This one is my grandma’s favorite. (Nah, actually it’s not. She really religious. But she’s also kind of a bitch, so…)

Is this what a police state looks like? Or was UC Davis police John Pike just in a hurry to get his copy of MW3? (He probably shouldn’t bother. According to my cousin, rejected titles included “Old Fashioned Warfare,” “Modern Recycling,” and “MW2 II: The Search for Curly’s Gold.”)

Of course pepper spraying fellow shoppers is no different from blowing a little rosemary and thyme their way. And it can’t help but spice up that drab old sacrificial Thanksgiving bird!

I hear it’s like Sriracha. Once you start using it, you put it on everything. Check out these Amazon reviews for tips from home chefs, and more!

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