Occupy UC Davis Roundup


This past Friday, November 18th, peacefully protesting UC Davis students were relentlessly pepper-sprayed.  This is one of the videos that has caught the nation’s attention.

Watch: Students stand silently in protest on Saturday as UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi walks to her car.

Here is a summary of the two events.

The UC Davis Officer named in the pepper-spraying has been honored in the past.

UC Davis Police Chief is placed on leave.

Katehi’s response to the events.

Assistant Professor at UC Davis writes an open letter to Katehi.

A comparison of UC Davis events to the Chinese government.

NYU Associate Professor Alexander Galloway’s letter as to why he will not be visiting UC Davis in April.

UC Regents will deal with a lawsuit if they meet behind closed doors.

This article elaborates, “UC Davis Not an Isolated Incident, It’s part of the Culture War.”

70 year-old former U.S.  Poet Laureate and UC Berkeley Professor Robert Hass describes his and his wife’s encounter with UCB PD (he was beat with a baton).

UCI Professor Rei Terada recounts another UCPD incident and demands UCPD accountability.

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