National Poetry Month Day 37: “Two Lyrics from ‘Rondo'” by Janet Holmes


Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam.

Two Lyrics from “Rondo”

The boys pawing the ground are horses.
They will drag you between them.
Come, give them your arms!

They will push you where you don’t want to go,
the horses will. They will slide you there
and run away, whinnying.

You are so like a horse!
Toss your head again.
No one will harsh your soft mouth with a bit.
No one will ride you
if you keep that up.


Escape artist,
magician of morph:

The only way out will be through it.

Flung ashatter, each dashed edge sharpened—
hammered in, deformed, wrenched open—
scorched, blasted,
it can’t be got around.
It does not fall from the sky:

you lift up to it to be wrecked.

Will it kill me?

Your dead self remains inside you
from that day on.

Janet Holmes

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