‘Marking Moments When the World Changes’


The 13th edition of the Documenta art exhibition, (a showcase of contemporary art that takes place in Germany every five years) a.k.a. ‘the Museum of 100 days,’ opened on June 9th.

Always a rather serious affair, this edition deals with “moments of trauma, at turning points, accidents, catastrophes, crises — events that mark moments when the world changes.” With an emphasis on interconnectivity and our lived connection with the theoretical, Documenta 2012 is a timely affair.With it, 200 artists showcase pieces that prove site specific fusions of old and new, intuitive and intellectual. This, within a context in which they must also relate with other artists’ works under the artistic direction of Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev. The term Artist here is an encompassing one, used liberally, as Documenta includes the works of farmers, scientists, and other ‘non-artist’ types. As such, Documenta 13 becomes a fascinating dialogue between an eclectic and wildly divergent group of individuals and personal experiences made manifest under the umbrella of art.

Aimee Burnett lives in Toronto where there is more brick than stucco, and more plains than hills. She is a design/editorial intern at McSweeney’s and The Rumpus whilst summering in SF. More from this author →