Why, Zombies, Why?


After the recent resurgence in talk about zombification in the media last week, Kristin Rawls of AlterNet breaks down our country’s obsession with the undead and the possibility it’s our way of coping with times that are becoming more and more seemingly apocalyptic.

The abundance of zombie movies, television shows, and even the popularity of Hunger Games amongst the tweens and beyond is a phenomenon particular to the past decade (or so). Rawls believes the rise of the grim and gruesome in popular culture and media at large is due to growing political alienation and signs of national decline. As much as 85% of the population feels they have little influence in what government does today, up from 69% in 1990. The dark, yet hilarious section of Foreign Policy magazine called Decline Watch is further evidence that we’re turning into “a nation of Onion headlines.”


Maybe we’re just still in hate with the British?

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