Bookshelf Bonanza


Peter Knox discusses how bookshelves provide a glimpse into an individual’s personality for The GuardianKnox values these book organizers for a myriad of reasons, one of which being that a person’s book display communicates their tastes across all boards:

“Your bookshelf is an intimate physical representation of your accomplishments (titles as trophies earned), aspirations (that ever growing to-read pile), associations (that book your boss gave to each employee), personal development (those self-help titles that urged you to talk to strangers), guilty pleasures (50 shades of beach reads), escapes (sci-fi to some, travelogues to others), memories (meeting that author, visiting that indie shop on vacation), interests (the bigger the Star Wars fan, the more Star Wars books) and countless other tells that another reader would unconsciously and immediately compare against their own shelf.”

Knox has taken his fascination a step further by starting Share Your Shelf, a one-stop-Tumblr for your digital bookshelf viewings. The shelves come in all different forms, including vertical! Anyone can submit pictures of their book organizers to the site, so why not contribute?

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