Boyfriends: JUDE


JUDE WAS MY mother’s boyfriend until he wrecked her Chevy down near the Hare Hole. She made me fetch him and drive him to the hospital, his arm hanging wiry loose from shoulder and moaning in pain. If you give me one kiss, he said, I’ll show you Hades, so I decided I was his. He was the best lover I’ve ever had and he smelled of damp earth and daffodils. On Sundays, we’d drive to Sanunsta, drain a bottle of vodka and taste each other until we were dizzy. Often I thought a storm had passed through us: a wicked hurricane of luscious love and adoration.

Breaking Point: His starry-eyed looks toward space. I have one dream, he’d say, to travel out of here and I don’t need a co-pilot.

STORIES: Shelagh Power Chopra’s work appears in FRIGG, failbetter, The Good Men Project, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Necessary Fiction, and elsewhere. She runs the website, a fictitious account of a relationship gone wrong. She lives on Cape Cod and is working on a novel. DRAWINGS: Kara Jansson's iPhone & iPad drawings have been published in online publications including The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, WNYC, The Outlet and Used Furniture Review. Her work was recently included in the exhibition "Stylectrical" at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg. She is a founding board member of the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists and Co-Director of the art collective, Coalfather Industries. More from this author →