Home Sweet Omaha


Nebraska: golden Midwestern land of corn, cows, and…call centers?

Kathleen Massara writes for n+1 about growing up in Omaha.

Massara’s Nebraska has a lot more frustrating cubicle jobs than, say, Willa Cather’s, but then again, maybe they aren’t so different after all:

If you stop the car on your way through, you’ll find that the city is home to a whole lot of large, cheerful Americans of mainly German, Swedish, and Czech ancestry. Here, hard work and Christian values are extolled—as Skip James sang in “Omaha Blues,” “The people there’re so nice and kind/ They’ll make you work in rain or shine.” There are also some places, near the outskirts of town, where if you stop your car for very long the government does not look kindly upon it. But we’ll get to that.

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