Speaking of the World We Live In


People in Gaza are dying in it, and an invasion may happen by the end of the weekend. I try never to write about things I would be talking out of my ass about, and Israel/Palestinian relations happens to be one of those things. Righteousness is not a substitute for knowledge. It took me a long time to learn that the most soothing thing to do when half the world is on fire is gather information, not spew forth. Don’t try to own the story; learn it, first. So I offer you a variety of articles from sources with different loyalties but all-in-all better information than I’ve got.

Here is Reuters’ latest rundown of the state of affairs.

Here is an analysis from the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz.

Here is al-Jazeera’s.

Here is the New York Times’ take.

Here is the Guardian’s.

Here is Tablet magazine explaining why some of the Times’ and the Guardian’s coverage is a problem.

The BBC has gathered some voices from both sides of the conflict.


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