What Is There To Say?


A lot of people are good at quick reactions to the kind of day we had yesterday. I’m not. I mean, of course, I had the usual thoughts.

  1. Ban the guns.
  2. The door opening, and the kids looking up.
  3. Oh, god, scratch that.
  4. Annoyed with the reporters, scrambling for information, who have no choice, no role here but to offer their first reactions. They lack the same talents I do.
  5. But I’m watching anyway.
  6. The best kid friend I have is just at the right age to have been in the room.


I don’t know that adding these to the soup helps much. I just keep hearing Adrienne Rich, who I’m working on a thing about. “The waste of my love goes on this way.” It’s a poem about something else but about this too.

I’m going for a long walk today. Hope you go outside, too.

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