Bad Golf for a Good Cause


826LA presents Mini Golf for Cheaters, a tournament of unfair advantages on Astroturf! If you ever wanted to knock a classy game down a few pegs while supporting one of the best nonprofits along the way, then this event is for you. The more money you raise, the more cheats you’ll receive.

Register your team or support a team here. If want to donate to a team, let me suggest Rumpus Contributor, Team Leader, and all around great guy J. Ryan Stradal’s team. The competition takes place on Saturday May 11th at the Arroyo Seco Mini Golf Course.

Also, 826LA is in the running for $1,000,000 grant from GOOD. Vote for them here!

Zoe Ruiz is the former managing editor of The Rumpus. Her work has appeared in The Weeklings, Salon, Two Serious Ladies, and Ohio Edit. She studied creative writing at UC Santa Cruz and now lives in Los Angeles. More from this author →