Notable San Francisco 5/27-6/1


Monday 5/27: Porchlight’s on with Kitchen Confidential, stories from the folks who run all your favorite local bars and restaurants. $15, 8pm, Hemlock Tavern.

Tuesday 5/28: Inside StoryTime presents filmmaker Laleh Khadivi, poet memoirist and science writer Lucille Lang Day, former Marine Jon Wells, and Restif de la Bretonne of the taxi rank Robin Bullard. Free, 7:15, Make Out Room.

Wednesday 5/29: The Romane Event comedy show calls on headliner Miles K (The Punch Line) along with Natasha Muse (Why Should I Care?), Kelly Anneken (Femi-Nazi), Ben Feldman (Comet Club Comedy). $7, 8pm, Make Out Room.

Thursday 5/30: GoForaloop gallery is back with The Long and the Short of It, a combined screening of a feature-length film following a screening of a short film by the evening’s chosen director. Local filmmakers work also screened. Donation based, 7pm.

Friday 5/31: The Agents of Chaos (un)official launch celebrating the San Francisco Cacophony Society is tonight. 7:30, $20, San Francisco Institute of Possibility.

Emmy Komada is a translator and assistant editor at Two Lines Press, part of the Center for the Art of Translation. She likes languages, and reading, and trying to read in various languages. More from this author →