Zombie Authors: Naomi Alderman and Margaret Atwood


At The Barnes and Nobel Review, Maud Newton interviews Naomi Alderman, winner of the Orange Award for New Writers and co-writer with Margaret Atwood of The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, a recently published e-novel only available on Watt.

Newton and Alderman stray away from zombie talk and instead discuss religion and Alderman’s experience growing up in a British Modern Orthodox Jewish household. She also reflects on the surreal trip to Cuba she took with Atwood, where they talked about God and got stranded in a swamp.

It’s just really a wonderful thing — a gift. Also, everything I say about it sounds like a strange dream I’m relating to a therapist. “I went to Cuba with Margaret Atwood to watch birds but one day I got a migraine and then Margaret and I went swimming in the sea and a brown pelican came down and took a fish from the ocean. What does it mean, Dr. Newton?”

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