“I’m Totally Powerless in the Face of Men”


23-year-old Marie Calloway, a Rumpus interviewee and Letters in the Mail contributor, became an Internet sensation in late 2011 with “Adrien Brody,” her account of meeting and having a brief love affair with a writer nearly twice her age.

Now she has written a book, titled what purpose did i serve in your life, which Salon calls “a mélange that places first-person, memoiristic tales of sex at every level of coerciveness alongside images of her bruised body and Facebook chats in which the seduction runs both ways.”

It explores many of the same themes as “Adrien Brody”:

What her book most amply documents is not sex but trying to fit sex into the life of an ambitious writer. What are the boundaries? What can be disclosed? If you say everything, will anyone take you seriously?

Abigail Bereola is a writer and the Books Editor for The Rumpus. On Twitter, @sherarelytweets. More from this author →