Readers Report Theme: “My Summer’s End”


Don’t forget we’re now accepting submissions for another “Rumpus Readers Report.” We are asking you to tackle the theme “My Summer’s End.”

Please send your submissions, maximum 400 words, to Susan Clements, silentjoy2001 AT We’ll choose the best ones to run as a feature on the site.

All submissions are due by midnight on Thursday, September 5th (that’s in two days!).

Kelly Opdycke is a Rumpus intern and an optimist with realist tendencies. She spent her summer at 826LA, where she helped English-Language Learners master homophones in the Amazon, take notes while exploring the Endeavour space shuttle, and write resumes that explain their exceptional hide-and-seek skills. Before this, she received her master’s degree from CSULA. She will be applying to doctoral programs this fall. More from this author →