Fiction or Non fiction: That is the question


Is it true that nowadays nonfiction is more relevant than fiction?

Pankaj Mishra and Rivka Galchen answer the question and both their answers are dissimilar.

Mishra answers, “Even writers working within the old verities of stability and coherence — we cannot do without some of them — continue to produce persuasive fictions.”

Galchen observes, “Fiction and nonfiction do tend to deploy different methods for getting to the truth. Fiction, we have been told, tells the truth but tells it slant. It familiarizes the strange and estranges the familiar. Nonfiction aims, if not exclusively and not uncomplicatedly, for Orwell’s model of the clear pane of glass.”

Their full answers, which we recommend reading, can be found here.

Guia Cortassa was born, lives, and works in Milan, Italy. After working as a Contemporary Art curator, she went back to writing. She is a contributing editor for Ondarock and her writing has appeared on Rivista Studio, Flair and the Quietus. She compulsively tweets @gcmorvern. More from this author →