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As Stephen Elliott pointed out, people just can’t stop talking about new Buzzfeed books editor Isaac Fitzgerald.

Roxane Gay wrote that Isaac is going to be “an intelligent and eminently capable editor.” This isn’t the first time that Roxane has written about his editorial skills. When Isaac left his post here at The Rumpus, she wrote:

But there’s always a story behind the writing, and when you’re lucky, there’s an amazing editor behind the writer. For the past two, almost three years, the story behind a lot of my writing has been shaped by Isaac. He is the editor behind the writer. Really, Isaac is the editor alongside the writer.

Recently Ann Friedman chatted with him and expanded on the idea of publishing only positive reviews. She noted that, “One of the lessons I learned when I was editor of GOOD magazine was that readers–not just advertisers–really do like positivity and respond to it.”

Speaking of Isaac and positivity, remember that love song about him? If not, you should reread the feature. It includes all the reasons why our editors and writers consider him outstanding.

Zoe Ruiz is the former managing editor of The Rumpus. Her work has appeared in The Weeklings, Salon, Two Serious Ladies, and Ohio Edit. She studied creative writing at UC Santa Cruz and now lives in Los Angeles. More from this author →