Notable Chicago 12/22–12/28


Between the holidays and the weather, it’s a quiet week here in Chicago. If you’re jonesing for some word love, you’ve still got a few options.

Sunday 12/22: As always, Marc Smith and J.W. Basilo are hosting the Uptown Poetry Slam. Come see local 7 p.m., $6, The Green Mill.

Monday 12/23: Still looking for the perfect gift? Local author Bryan Gruley will be camping out at City Lit to help you find the perfect gifts for the bookworms in your life. 1 p.m., free, City Lit Books.

Saturday 12/28: If you’ve managed to survive spending the holidays with family and could use some good company, stop in for The Paper Machete, Chicago’s only live magazine. Sam Irby and Megan Stielstra are sharing a piece about the vagina, so you probably shouldn’t miss it. 3 p.m., free, The Green Mill.

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