Survival of The Adjuncts


We’ve talked about the struggling plight of adjunct teachers in the past, but The New York Times has put out a pained portrait of James D. Hoff, an adjunct English teacher in the CUNY conglomerate and it’s worth a look.  Hoff’s story is one of many seeing that over sixty-percent of CUNY’s instructors are part-time adjunct.  The scholarly life might just be a pipe dream for many, yet thankfully there are those who are taking action:

“They feel a lack of dignity, a lack of respect, a lack of visibility,” said Barbara Bowen, the president of the Professional Staff Congress at CUNY, who said her union would demand increased job security for adjuncts in coming contract negotiations.

Julie Morse lives in San Francisco and is a poetry teacher. She can be found @JulieMorse16. More from this author →