Pitching from A to Z


The second installment of Nicole Dieker’s series on life as a full-time freelance writer is up at The Billfold, and this time she’s talking about pitching essays (and getting paid for them). The post includes useful tips on how to pitch, where to pitch, and what happens once you’ve sent a pitch out to an editor.

Marisa Siegel lives, writes, and edits near NYC. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Her essay “Inherited Anger” appears in the anthology Burn It Down (Seal Press, 2019) and her debut poetry chapbook, Fixed Stars, is forthcoming from Burrow Press in April 2022. She is senior acquiring editor for trade at Northwestern University Press, and owner/publisher of The Rumpus. Follow her on Twitter at @marisasaystweet. More from this author →