“The reality of the page and the reality outside it”


Think about the books you’ve come back to again and again. Now, think about how many of those were reread during your childhood and teenage years. Come to think of it, when was the last time you had time to pick up an old favorite? This is the question preoccupying Clay Risen over at the Morning News.

…though I don’t feel it anymore, I know there was a strong reason I reread books, a passion I can no longer recall. It is a loss I have felt quite acutely over the last few years, as I started reading to my daughter before bed.

Through the lens of his daughter’s experience of reading (and of the world at large), Risen examines why he’s no longer interested in rereading and whether there might be “a better way, a more pure and passionate way” to experience books.

Marisa Siegel lives, writes, and edits near NYC but thinks twenty times a day about heading back west. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Her essay “Inherited Anger” will appear in the anthology Burn It Down, forthcoming from Seal Press in fall 2019. She is Editor-in-Chief and owner of The Rumpus. Find her on Twitter at @marisasaystweet. More from this author →