Words as Art: The 2014 Whitney Biennial


The 2014 Whitney Biennial opened last week, and runs through May 25th. Word-lovers who find themselves in NYC while the exhibit is running will want to pay a visit. From the New York Times:

Paper is a star of this Biennial, with dozens of books and printed material. “Now that we have access to more archival material, we are all preoccupied with how we can reanimate it and create living histories,” Mr. Comer said.

There is a room dedicated to independent publisher Semiotext(e), and an installation featuring “a small but revealing fraction” of material found in David Foster Wallace‘s studio following his suicide in 2008.

Marisa Siegel lives, writes, and edits near NYC. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Her essay “Inherited Anger” appears in the anthology Burn It Down (Seal Press, 2019) and her debut poetry chapbook, Fixed Stars, is forthcoming from Burrow Press in 2022. She is editor-in-chief and owner of The Rumpus. Follow her on Twitter at @marisasaystweet. More from this author →