National Poetry Month Day 14: “The Vindication of Judas” by Daniel W.K. Lee


The Vindication of Judas

Forgive me at last, Brother,
for the death sentence: a kiss
that revealed me, an act of obedience
which began your martyrdom.
Who else but you—who loves
me still—could I ask to bear blame
for my murder for all time?
I knew too of the wind of stones
conjured by our brothers
that would split you like a fig,
your blood not grieved but
misnamed justice for my flesh’s end.
They could not conceive that it was
the Great One’s will—not yours—
to stage a betrayal with your lips;
that you must be sacrificed so I could be.

Daniel W.K. Lee

Original poetry published by The Rumpus. More from this author →