Weekly Rumpus Fiction: Sonja Vitow


The next Weekly Rumpus features fiction from Sonja Vitow. Here’s an excerpt:

It used to bother me and Connor a little that Rachel kept the photos from the wallets we stole. At the end of the day I don’t particularly want to think about the people whose money we took. By now though, we all have favorites. A lot of them are pretty memorable, but I like this one kid who I think looks like a mix between Rachel and me, with my heavy brow ridge and her prominent chin. He’s a pretty ugly kid but he’s my favorite. Rachel loves “Gilligan,” the toothless boy dressed in a sailor suit, and “Mullet Girl,” a chubby preteen with bright blue makeup powdered all over her eyelids. Connor prefers the cross-eyed children who were clearly made to remove their glasses three seconds before the flash went off.

Sonja Vitow is a New England-based writer, translator, foreign-language teacher, and co-founding editor of literary magazine The Knicknackery. Her work has appeared in Gulf Coast, NANO Fiction, Safety Pin Review, Smokelong Quarterly, Punchnel’s, WordsApart, and Meadowland Review, and is forthcoming from Cream City Review. She can be found at sonjavitow.com.

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