Notable NYC: 7/12–7/18


Saturday 7/12: Emma Straub, Eric Smith, and others cross the river for the Chilltown Literary Festival in Jersey City. Downtown Jersey City, 11 a.m., free.

Monday 7/14: Emma Straub, Tiphanie Yanique, Courtney Maum, Boris Fishman, and Aaron Burch join the Franklin Park Reading Series. Straub’s latest novel, The Vacationers, is about a two-week trip shared between family and friends. A Replacement Life (June 2014) is Fishman’s debut novel about eastern European immigrants defrauding the German government of Nazi reparations. Franklin Park, 8 p.m., free.

Saeed Jones, Shira Erlichman, Aracelis Girmay, and Patricia Smith read poetry under the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Park, 7 p.m., free.

Jackie Sheeler, Professor ARTURO, Neil Cain, and Austin Allen celebrate New York Quarterly. Bowery Poetry Club, 6:30 p.m., free.

Tuesday 7/15: Amy Sohn discusses her new novel, The Actress (July 2014) with Chorie Sicha. The Actress follows the story of a young new actress cast into the spotlight by an older, famous actor. WORD Brooklyn, 7 p.m., free.

D. Foy, Brian Gresko, Eric Nelson, Emily Schultz, and Bob Smith celebrate twelve years of the Sunday Salon series. Jimmy’s No. 43, 7:30 p.m., free.

Andrew Meredith reads his new memoir The Removers (July 2014), BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

Will Chancellor discusses his new novel A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall (July 2014) with Teddy Wayne. Powerhouse Arena, 7 p.m., free.

Rachel Riederer, Jessica Machado, J. Scott Brownlee, and Ryan Britt join the Animal Farm series. Over the Eight, 8 p.m., free.

Brenda Coultas, Geffrey Davis, and Brian Teare join the Academy of American Poets Summer Series. New York Public Library, 6 p.m., free.

Wednesday 7/16: Christina Nichol and Susan Choi discuss Nichol’s debut novel Waiting for the Electricity (June 2014). McNally Jackson, 7 p.m., free.

Sean Wilsey and editor Matt Weiland discuss his new book More Curious (July 2014) about Wilsey’s journey across the United States. Greenlight Bookstore, 7:30 p.m., free.

Julia Fierro, Mira Jacob, Courtney Maum, Ted Thompson, and Tiphanie Yanique join Word for Word. Fierro’s Cutting Teeth (May 2014) examines thirty-somethings attempting to enjoy a beach house with their children. Jacob reads from her new novel, A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing (July 2014), about a journey spanning three decades in India, New Mexico, and Seattle. Bryant Park, 12:30 p.m., free.

Thursday 7/17: Julia Fierro, Kimberley McCreight, and Nicole Kear discuss motherhood. Kear’s memoir Now I See You (June 2014) is a narrative about her degenerative vision. Community Bookstore, 7 p.m., free.

Amanda Miska, R/B Mertz, Christopher Diciccio, Christina Olivares, and Bizzy Coy read in celebration of the second anniversary of 5Q. Mellow Pages, 7:30 p.m., free.

Frank Sherlock launches his new collection of poems with Jenn McCreary. Berl’s Poetry Shop, 7 p.m., free.

Friday 7/18: Iain Reid and Adelle Waldman discuss The Truth About Luck (2013), an exploration of Reid’s vacation with his grandmother. BookCourt, 7 p.m., free.

Allyson Paty, Christopher Salerno, Dustin Luke Nelson, and Ashleigh Lambert read in the Writing Off Debt event, an examination of money and debt through literature. Berl’s Poetry Shop, 7 p.m., free.

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