Hasta la Madre


At the New YorkerFrancisco Goldman tackles the malaise shadowing his favorite city in the world:

Mexico City feels different these days. Its usual vibrancy has been muted, and not only because of the missing students of Ayotzinapa. Paéz tells me that when he walked the city streets on the night of September 16th, which is Mexican Independence Day, he was struck by how quiet things were. “It’s not just our intuition that senses that people are feeling down since Peña Nieto took office,” Paéz said. “Check out the indexes of consumer confidence: month after month it’s been plummeting.” Back in the days of the Calderón government, he said, people living in Mexico City felt insulated from the horrors and violence of the narco war. “Ciudad Juarez, you’d say, that all seems so far away. But now it feels like it can happen here, too.”

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