Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Grant Snider’s favorite things, in rhyme.

In The Last Book I Loved, Richard Kramer delves into the “determined and effective” Judith Schneiderman’s memoir, I Sang To Survive. A “propulsive drive” lies behind the Auschwitz survivor’s writing. “What I love most about her book,” Kramer writes, “is the joy with which she tells it, the many moments when her words and insights jump off the page, glowing, specific.”

Lastly, in an animated conversation about story writing and storytelling, “that cool girl” Megan Stielstra opens up about her creative process. Though she admits her first love is fiction, Stielstra’s new book is a collection of personal essays titled Once I Was Cool. Several essays evolved in front live audiences, as performances for the critically-acclaimed 2nd Story narrative series, which Stielstra also directs. Sometimes, she points out, we write in order to “figure out… not necessarily the answers, but why the questions mattered.”

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