Sunday Links: Words + Pictures


We have been doing this Sunday Rumpus thing for a month now, and it’s been — to be quite honest — way more fun than we expected. Really, the feedback so far has been very gratifying, and it’s a joy to have the chance to showcase such great work. In fact, I think Zoe and I both agree that the hardest part of all this by far has been rounding up ART to go with each wonderful Sunday essay or interview. Luckily, we have now got ourselves some help.

This week’s icily beautiful photographs were taken by Chicago artist Kristin Basta, who we have craftily roped in to the Rumpus family as our art editor. She’s helped us brainstorm visual counterpoints to several of the essays published thus far, and several more in the hopper, and we are so lucky to have her eyes in the mix.

When she’s not scouring the internet for art for us, Kristin has of late been working as an archivist for the Michael Abramson Foundation, and some more of her snowy images are featured in The Instagram Book, out now from Ammo Books. She’s also an ensemble member, with me, in Chicago’s Theater Oobleck. Thank you Kristin!

Martha Bayne is a writer and editor in Chicago. She is editor-in-chief of Belt Magazine, an ensemble member with Chicago's Theater Oobleck, and author of Soup & Bread Cookbook: Building Community One Pot at a Time (Agate, 2011), a narrative cookbook drawn from the long-running community meal project she organizes at Chicago's Hideout bar. For more go here; find her on Twitter @marthabayne. More from this author →