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Friday was one of those days where it felt like way too many threads had come unraveled from the thrift-store sweater of my life and were just tangled in an heap of wet yarn at my feet. One of those dreary grey days when I could have used some advice, and maybe a gentle voice saying, “It’ll be ok, sweet pea.” One of those days when I said, to no one in particular, on Twitter, “Do you ever have one of those days when you wish ‘Dear Sugar’ was still around?”

So imagine my surprise when only a few hours later Cheryl Strayed and (original Sugar) Steve Almond announced they were reviving “Dear Sugar” as a podcast. The pilot episode airs Monday, Dec. 15, at which point they say they’ll also post instructions on how to send them your own bundles of wet yarn. But in the meantime you can listen to this little teaser here.

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