Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, feast your eyes upon Anne Emond’s visual ode to a lazy weekend and Grant Snider’s cartoon-in-verse, “Outside My Window.”

In “Changeling,” Stephen Policoff uses serendipitous advice and the paintings of “mad artist” Richard Dadd to unlock the secret to writing about bereavement and the special role of a father as caretaker. “I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural,” Policoff writes, “not as a belief system but as a metaphor for all we can’t comprehend about our lives.”

Lastly, in the Sunday Essay, Elizabeth Tamny cringes at an overwhelming odor that fills the hallways of her apartment building. Only a few minutes before her date is expected to arrive, Tamny discovers her neighbor has passed away. The presence of death permeates both the physical and emotional landscapes of the moment, prompting Tamny to marvel at the power of the human sense of smell.

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