Therumpus x DressHead Chevron Scalloped Sheer Mini Dress


Therumpus x DressHead Chevron Scalloped Sheer Mini Dress – Wide Neckline
This therumpus x one is a dazzling mini chevron dress with a waved scalloped design and half-length sheer sleeves. It has a wide neckline to emphasize your soft shoulders, adding a graceful, swan-like appearance. The scallops are crocheted in a horizontal line that mimics the ocean so that your eyes flow across the body, flattering your figure. The back of the dress sweeps downward, leaving your back open. The scallops shimmer and shine so that they catch the light. This dress comes in two beautiful colors, black and champagne gold, both are quite suitable for a formal evening event, such as a fancy party or a wedding. Dress is perfect to wear with a pair of great heels! This chevron dress is lined with soft satin that feels great against your skin. Small size; length 82.5 cm, circumference is 92 cm, shoulder width 36 cm, and sleeve length is 29.5 cm.

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