Next Letter in the Mail: Lyz Lenz


We’re getting ready to send out our next Letter in the Mail, and it’s from Rumpus Assistant Books Editor and blogger Lyz Lenz! Lyz writes a very funny letter to us about the various uses of fine china and her dislike of vinyl siding.

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Lyz Lenz writes regularly for The Rumpus, the Huffington Post, and Her writing has appeared in New York Times Motherlode, The Butter, The Toast, Aeon, the Guardian, Jezebel, The Hairpin, Forbes, Real Weddings, AOL, Yahoo Shine, and she’s been syndicated on MSNBC and MSN Glo. Her short stories have been published on Storyglossia and the Iowa Writes Project and one was just turned into a movie, which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival. You can see clips of her work here.