On The Beauty of Words


At Book Riot, Aram Mrjoian explores the question of what makes a sentence beautiful. He conjectures that our brain becomes overwhelmed when it sees words organized and used in a way that is beyond its imagination:

Maybe, when words are amalgamated together into some combination that we could never imagine, our brains need a split second to allow the synapses to fire and connect, creating a stronger mental tie to the language that binds us together as humans. The typical lapse in breathing is simply the mind handling too many responsibilities at once, momentarily forgetting a crucial life function. In milliseconds that moment passes, the computer freezing of the mind, and then there is new understanding branded within the impossible-to-navigate mess of grey matter.

Olivia Wetzel is a student taking time off to live and work in San Francisco. If she could be any animal, she’d be a penguin. She’s never eaten pepperoni before, and one of her feet is a whole size bigger than the other. More from this author →