Jon Adams’s Invasive Passion


If you’re a lover of erotic literature but feel like there are never enough motorcycle chases, dolphin dances, or children who die, then you and your loins are going to love Invasive Passion: Book 1: Dark Trust. (And, right now, it’s available for free download!)

Written by cartoonist and Rumpus contributor Jon AdamsInvasive Passion is an experiment—a challenge to write a book in a day, making it up as Adams wrote). A long-time Days of Our Lives fan, Adam’s story has all the drama and intrigue one would expect, and as a fan of things so bad they’re good, it’s got plenty of subtle humor too—imagine if Tommy Wiseau wrote a book. Read an excerpt after the jump.

Cheryl opened the door but it was hard to see the figure standing before her. He was a dark shape obscured by the bright sun behind him. When she could finally make him out, it was a man who looked a lot like Bruce. It had been so long since she’d seen him, that she wasn’t even entirely sure and couldn’t quite remember what he even looked like.

“Cheryl,” he asked.
“It’s me. Bruce. Do you remember me?”

He smiled. She remembered that smile. It was Bruce!”

What followed was a long conversation with a lot of explaining. Bruce had contracted malaria in Africa, and went into a coma for over a year. It was his assistant who had been updating Bruce’s Twitter.

When he awoke from his coma, the only thing he could remember was Cheryl. He remembered her smile, her scent, and the way she felt against him.

“How did you find me,” she asked.
“I Internet searched you,” he said, as he kissed her gently.

Download Invasive Passion at Amazon, free now through January 12th!