The Noise Came From Here


With the recent addition of the album MartyrLoserKing, artist and activist Saul Williams’s versatile body of work shows no signs of slowing its growth. In an interview with The Fader, he talks about technology, #BlackLivesMatter, and his writing process: 

[E]ven with writing poems, I started writing in nightclubs. My favorite places to write were always my favorite places to be. And in the club, when the music was amazing and you’re dancing, you’re doing these aerobics so to speak, there’s all this blood and energy circulating, and ideas would pop up. After a while I started carrying a little five dollar journal with me, and writing those ideas in the dance club, and so it would be a mix between writing either when my favourite song was on, on the dancefloor, or when the music slowed and I didn’t really like what was being played.

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