This Week in Indie Bookstores


New York City’s St. Mark’s Bookshop has twice now been faced with closing over financial issues. But the store has a mysterious, rich benefactor who keeps pouring money into the shop. Despite the two lifelines, the store may close as early as Wednesday.

Despite the disappearances of other booksellers, one Hong Kong bookstore owner continues to sell banned books. However, another shop has closed.

A New York City bodega doubles as a indie erotic fiction bookstore.

Guns and books may not traditionally go together, but one Texas bookshop wants customers to celebrate the right to carry a gun. Brave New Books in Austin is offering customers a 10% discount if they have a gun in the open.

Amazon, the online retailer credited with putting book and mortar bookstores out of business, plans on opening 300 brick and mortar bookstores. New jobs listings suggest the foray into real stores will happen imminently.

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