Kick off Summer with The Rumpus Book Clubs


July is almost upon us, and it’s time for an update on our Book Club and Poetry Book Club. There are no other book clubs that offers what ours do: books before they’ve been released to the public, a vibrant online community to discuss them with, and a chance to chat online with the author at the end of the month. And, our Book Clubs help us keep The Rumpus alive—so, you can speak with your favorite writers, read great books, and support the site in one fell swoop.

In July, the Book Club will be reading Rion Amilcar Scott‘s debut collection, Insurrectionswhich chronicles the lives of the people of Cross River, a city founded on the site of the only successful slave revolt in US history. These stories are sad and violent and addictive.

The Poetry Book Club will be reading David Rivard’s latest collection, Standoff about which David St. John writes:

The ghosts of beloved friends, poets, and family haunt many of these poems, as Rivard considers the constant gravitational pull of mortality, only to posit that experience itself offers us the power to call it, at least for now, a clear—and a hard-won—standoff.

There’s still time to join! Just head to our store and sign up for one (or both) clubs to get in on the discussion!

Brian Spears's first collection of poetry, A Witness in Exile, is now available through Louisiana Literature Press, and at his personal website. He is Senior Poetry Editor at The Rumpus. More from this author →