Meet Our New Rumpus Editors!


You may have noticed some recent changes to The Rumpus masthead.

First, the sad news. Our terrific Essays Editor, Tracy Strauss, is stepping down to focus on other projects, including a new series over at the Ploughshares blog.

And we’re saying goodbye to our Interviews Editor, Melissa Batchelor Warnke, who is moving on to pursue her own writing—you can keep up with her awesome work here!

Lastly, after two years curating amazing essays, interviews, and book reviews, our Sunday Co-Editors Martha Bayne and Zoe Zolbrod will be stepping down at the end of September.

Luckily, we’ve found awesome editors to take over for these heavy-hitters.

Ian MacAllen is more than ready to be our Interviews Editor—Ian has been working with The Rumpus in various capacities for a long time, including Assistant Interviews Editor, and we are thrilled to have him take on this new role! Joining Ian will be Deputy Interviews Editor Emma Winsor Wood and Assistant Interviews Editors Feliz Moreno and Patty Nash.

And we are incredibly excited to announce that our new Essays Editor is none other than Ruben Quesada, poet, critic, and editor extraordinaire! Kathryn Waring and Lauren Westerfield will be staying on as Assistant Essays Editors, and will be joined by Brian Kornell and Amy Sayre Baptista.

Taking over Sundays at The Rumpus, beginning in October, will be teachers, writers, and editors Toni Nealie (based in Chicago) and José Orduña (New Mexico).

We’d also like to introduce our two new Assistant Poetry Editors, Tiffany Midge and Molly Spencer, who’ll be working with Poetry Editor Brian Spears.

A warm Rumpus welcome to all of our new staff! And while it’s always sad to say goodbye, and this go-around we’re wishing farewell to some truly wonderful editors, everyone who joins the Rumpus family stays in the Rumpus family, and we hope to see each of them (and their writing) ’round these parts soon.

Marisa Siegel lives, writes, and edits near NYC. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Her essay “Inherited Anger” appears in the anthology Burn It Down (Seal Press, 2019) and her debut poetry chapbook, Fixed Stars, is forthcoming from Burrow Press in 2021. She is editor-in-chief and owner of The Rumpus. Follow her on Twitter @marisasaystweet. More from this author →