Woman’s Best Friend


At The Establishment, Laura Bogart writes a heartwarming ode to her the special type of love that exists only between human and canine—the kind of love she says she’s always been searching for:

Together, we built a life from endless repetitions of “sit, stay, come, good”; from my coaching her into a calmer, more confident dog (and me into a calmer, more confident guardian); from taking our dinners together in front of the TV, with me armchair quarterbacking political candidates and sitcom characters alike, and her harrumphing from her dog bed; and from taking those long walks where we fell into that easy stride, her head at my hip.

Katie O'Brien is an English major at Cornell University, where she writes for kitsch magazine, DJs for a rock station, and complains about the cold. Find her on Twitter @abluekite. More from this author →