This Week in Indie Bookstores



Just announced today: beloved Brooklyn bookstore BookCourt is closing after 35 years in business.

Independent booksellers were the focus of a panel at the Miami Book Fair—discussion focused on how big business was surprised that small business strategies could be useful in selling books.

Kyoto, Japan is home to a bookstore hostel with eighteen bunks built into bookshelves.

Indie authors often have difficulty selling their books in local stores, but here are a few tips to help get those titles onto bookstore shelves.

The New York Times looks into the work of opening a bookstore, from financing to design.

Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore expanded into a second location in Prospect-Lefferts, in the base of a luxury residential tower built with some controversy.

A Barnes & Noble concept store opened in Minnesota with a cafe serving up three meals a day, including items like slow-cooked short ribs. Ribs and books. Really. That’s a thing a now.

Regional Singaporean bookstore chain Basheer Graphic Books is shrinking quickly, with just two stores remaining after a Hong Kong store was shuttered. Hong Kong booksellers are having a tough time competing with ebooks and online retailers, but also censorship from mainland China.

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