Next Letter for Kids: Michael Hearst (Plus, a Giveaway!)


Released today, Michael Hearst’s Curious Constructions will bring you face-to-face with fifty incredible structures, including: a fire-breathing octopus sculpture; the skateboard ramp you’d need to jump the Great Wall of China; a whole community of tree houses in Costa Rica; and a lifesize X-Wing Starfighter built of Legos. These and many more fascinating accounts of constructions both fantastically useful and gloriously unnecessary await inquisitive readers, aspiring engineers, and anyone who ever looked at a skyscraper and thought, “Yeah, but what if it had a roller coaster on top?”

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Michael Hearst is a writer, musician, and composer. His other books include Unusual Creatures and Extraordinary People. As a musician, Hearst has recorded and released more than a dozen albums, some with his band One Ring Zero, and others under his own name, such as Songs for Ice Cream Trucks, Songs for Fearful Flyers, and Songs for Unusual Creatures (which was turned into a PBS Digital Studios series). In addition, he has composed music for several films, including To Be TakeiMagic Camp, and Chicken People. Hearst lives in a Brooklyn. You can visit him on Facebook and Twitter.

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